Sales/Adoption Policy

I reserve the right to refuse to sell a rabbit for any reason. All rabbits must be paid in full before they will be transferred to the new owner. Cash or PayPal, please. No personal checks. If the rabbit is being sold with a pedigree, the pedigree will be provided at the time the rabbit is given to the new owner.

All rabbits are healthy to my knowledge, and have no known genetic defects or illnesses. I will make a good faith effort to sex each rabbit, but confirming the gender is the responsibility of the buyer at the time of pickup. Rabbits will not be refunded for incorrect gender.

All rabbits sold are guaranteed for two weeks, starting as soon as they leave my rabbitry. If the rabbit dies before two weeks have expired, I will refund the whole purchase price if the buyer can provide proof that a veterinarian has preformed a necropsy on the rabbit, and confirmed that it died due to a genetic defect or structural problem and not due to poor husbandry.

I typically do not accept deposits to hold a rabbit, but if I do the deposit is non-refundable. A rabbit that has been paid for in full must be picked up within two weeks of the sale date, unless other arrangements have been made. Arranging transport is the responsibility of the buyer. If the rabbit is not picked up within this time frame, the sale price will be forfeit, and the rabbit will be placed up for sale again.

If a pickup time has been arranged but the buyer does not show up, I will attempt to contact the buyer ONCE to arrange a new pickup time. If the buyer does not contact me back within 48 hours, or they do not show up at the second pickup attempt, any money paid for the rabbit is forfeit and it will be placed up for sale again.

While I always make an effort to match every buyer with a rabbit that will suit their intended purpose, I cannot guarantee that a rabbit bought for show will be a winner, one purchased as breeding stock will be a good mother, one purchased as a pet will always be friendly, etc.